Saxophone Sisters at SPACE, Evanston – Wow!

Check this out.

Liverpool F.C. …when you least expect it!

Just walking into work the other day in Deerfield, Illinois, and came upon this spectacular vision:


2014-05-23 09.35.33Not only a RED Lotus, with Liverpool license but the license plate frame is”You’ll Never Walk Alone”.  I stood  there for 5 minutes trying to assimilate this, and finally left my card on the windshield in attempt to find out was this an actual Scouser or just a remote fan.

Dogs, Magnetic Fields and their Number 1′s and 2′s

My good friend, Salim, brought this to my attention a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share this amazing scientific communication.  It is a beautiful piece of science – very quantitative.  If the title and first few pages are too involved for you, just flip through it to the end to appreciate why I cannot quite find the words to describe it.  Amazing.

Hart et al Frontiers in Zoology


Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 2.14.36 PM