It’s the audience! AC/DC at River Plate

Club Atlético River Plate is a professional sports stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina and this is the crowd for this AD/DC concert.  You can check out the whole concert on youtube, but just watch the masses respond in my favorite AC/DC song “TNT” and wonder how could you not get a feeling of megalomania if you were on stage?  And what a fan base they have in Argentina – they know every word!

FX VP Explains Why ‘The Bridge’ Not Renewed for Season 3

Exclusive: FX VP Explains Why ‘The Bridge’ Not Renewed for Season 3 | Observer.

Again, another disappointment – FX cancelled this very thrilling show after only two seasons.  Feels like “Deadwood” all over again.  This pattern of airing shows and then canceling is starting to be annoying, and I know it is based on ratings, but it makes me yearn for organizations that can recognize artistic value and stay with it – just share the costs across the whole portfolio of shows.

Plunging Pelicans in Sarasota

Enjoy!   Excuse my sound editing on these iPhone videos….