Watch Bloodline Online | Netflix

Watch Bloodline Online | Netflix.

Netflix does it again – just binged the first series, and it is definitely another series that is gripping and consuming from start to finish.  The brother ‘Danny’ is truly one of the most convincing portrayals of an unnerving, manipulative and damaged individual that I have seen for a long time.  The name is Ben Mendelsohn.

4 Documentaries for April

If you have not had the chance to watch these yet, April would be a great month to catch up.  An eclectic mix that is a snapshot of the world of documentary films today – a thriving and stimulating genre.

Clark Terry                                                                 Kumare

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Edward Snowden                                                             Going Clear

It’s the audience! AC/DC at River Plate

Club Atlético River Plate is a professional sports stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina and this is the crowd for this AD/DC concert.  You can check out the whole concert on youtube, but just watch the masses respond in my favorite AC/DC song “TNT” and wonder how could you not get a feeling of megalomania if you were on stage?  And what a fan base they have in Argentina – they know every word!