A weekend in New York – some ideas

A 'Must See' show - get tickets if you can, it is worth every dollar

A ‘Must See’ show – get tickets if you can, it is worth every dollar

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Bryant Square – a fabulous space behind the Library.


Madison Square Art – This exhibit by Teresita Fernandez

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The view from the New Whitney at sunset


Visit Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn and also the Botanic Gardens – they are close to each other

True Detective – The Second Series – Thumbs Up so far

True Detective | HBO.

Turning out to be in the same league as the first series – it requires attention to dialog as a lot is spoken in quiet tones.  But such dark and interesting characters.  The Plot thickens…..

Watch Bloodline Online | Netflix

Watch Bloodline Online | Netflix.

Netflix does it again – just binged the first series, and it is definitely another series that is gripping and consuming from start to finish.  The brother ‘Danny’ is truly one of the most convincing portrayals of an unnerving, manipulative and damaged individual that I have seen for a long time.  The name is Ben Mendelsohn.