Single Malt anyone?

There is well over 100 single malt distilleries in Scotland.  So if you are looking for one to experience and are not sure where to start, outside of the usual Glenfiddich, etc., I can suggest two that we discovered while touring around Scotland.  My favorite is “Talisker”.

You will find it smooth, yet with a peat-like flavor, that is bold, warm but not too intense.  It is the only malt from the Isle of Skye.  A close runner up is “Oban”.  There are many other fine ones too – but these will give you an insight into the world of single malts.   As mentioned above, a great way to see Scotland is to start off in Edinburgh – explore the town with its many historical sights, great pubs and restaurants and the hospitality of the Scots.

The Castle:

From Edinburgh, you can tour Scotland by planning to visit a number of distilleries across the country which can take you across the highlands, lochs, castles, islands and end up in Glasgow for another cosmopolitan experience.  Don’t miss the Charles Rennie Mackintosh museum.  A few glimpses below:

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