Barbara Hepworth in St. Ives








I can highly recommend a visit to St. Ives in the southwest area of Cornwall and take time to visit the sculpture garden and studio of  the late Barbara Hepworth.  The sculpture garden is filled with wonderful pieces of her work.  Check out most of them in my “Sculpture” page above in this blog.  A particular aspect that I found fascinating was her studio which seems to be in the exact condition when she died in the fire that killed her in this house.  See the pictures below:

St. Ives is also a picturesque spot that is also a treat for a few days, with fabulous beaches, some good restaurants and great walking.  Avoid the high season, however, I think it could be very crowded.

Broomhill Sculpture Garden

In addition to the collection of Shona sculpture featured in a previous post and in the “Sculpture” page, the land and Gardens surrounding the Broomhill Art Center and Restaurant have a series of very impressive works.  Check out the rest of them in the “Sculpture” page above.

Chapungu Sculpture Chicago Botanic Garden and Garfield Conservatory 2003

In 2003 the Zimbabwean Chapungu Sculptors visited Chicago and exhibited their stunning portfolio of work at the Chicago Botanic Garden and Garfield Conservatory.  I managed to photograph most of them in these settings of natural beauty.

See the whole collection in my page above in “Sculpture”.


Chapungu-Inspired Sculpture

Several years ago, a group of Zimbabwean sculptures – Chapungu – came to the Chicago Botanic Gardens (also an absolute must if you are ever in the area!) to exhibit their very impressive creations.  They also held a workshop for 5 days for anyone, with or without any sculpting experience.  Tremendous experience and I highly recommend to anyone who gets the opportunity.  These artists work in many stone types including Spring Stone, Opal Stone and Serpentine. See my Arts & Crafts for examples of my few attempts.  The Female Head ( named “Pia”) was my first piece that I did at the workshop.  I had it mounted in Chicago where a metal rod was used to create the effect of suspension and allows it to turn.