Bealtlemania #1 Strawberry Fields

I was born in the early ’50’s in South Liverpool, within walking distance of Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Paul’s and John’s childhood homes, Julia’s place.  I went to Quarry Bank Grammar School for boys (John’s school and the name derivative of the Quarrymen).    This category of a Liverpudlian’s Beatlemania will be stories and reminiscences of that era.   As a sample let me start with a picture of Beatlemania Liverpool.  Strawberry Fields entrance gates is one that I took while visiting my mother and sister, who still live there.  Strawberry filed was close to where John lived with his Aunt Mimi – a short walking distance, just off Menlove Avenue.  I worked on a construction site as I teenager once during the summer right next to ‘Mendips’ (John’s house name).  More on those summer job ‘development experiences’ later.  To me this song is the essence of John and Paul’s combined creative genius.