Thematic Philately Topic #4 – World Stamps Received on Personal Mail

Perhaps my favorite way of collecting stamps has been to collect the letters, airmails and postcards sent to me and/or my spouse from countries around the world.  I find that the more remote or “exotic” the country of origin the greater the thrill, but sometimes the sheer esthetic appeal is all you need.  Unfortunately, the ability to practice this type of collecting has been significantly diminished in the last decade or two with the advent of electronic communication.  I was fortunate to be publishing in the scientific literature for many years before pdf’s of scientific papers were available, and the only way for someone to receive a copy of your paper was to request a reprint through the mail.  Consequently, I received, and collected, many of these postcard requests – a favorite example is shown below from the “CCCP”.  A larger collection of these can be seen on the pull down menu under Thematic Philately on this blog.IMG_1286

Olga Aznar and the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra Flamenco Big Band

We attended the 2016 Aarhus Jazz Festival recently.  We were fortunate to attend the performance of the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra Flamenco Big Band featuring Perico Sambeat as the conductor and musician and a Flamenco troop (Juan Carlos Gómez (g), David Domínguez (cajon), Tomás González (voc)) with Olga Aznar dancing.  I recorded her performance with my iPhone, but then found this much superior YouTube.  She is impressive – enjoy.

Thematic Philately Topic #3 – UK First Day Covers

Receiving UK First Day covers in the mail once or twice a month from the Royal Mail is a passive form of collecting, I admit…..but the array of topics and creative art that often (but not always) is provided in these covers is astounding.  I have been collecting since October of 1993, and this ‘Sherlock Holmes” theme was my first received.  To view more samples go the pull down “Thematic Philately” Tab on the blog.


Watercolor Class Level One – the challenge continues

Watercolor is much more demanding than I ever thought – I have done pastel portraits and acrylic and oils in the past and they did not demand the skill required for transparent WC (at least for me).  Much greater appreciation of this medium now.  My slow progress can be found on this blog section under the ‘My Arts & Crafts” pull down tab.

IMG_0693 IMG_0796 IMG_0770 IMG_0798 IMG_0797 IMG_0817 IMG_0843 IMG_0844