French Radish+High Fat Butter+Finishing Salt

Last year, during a stop in Paris, we discovered this simple food combination.  It is a combination that is exquisite and typical, in my opinion, of the genius of the French palate.  So this year I have grown some of these radishes from seed in our yard and garden plot.  I think the ‘terroir’ is not the same here in Illinois for the radishes, but they came out pretty good.  I discovered that you have to harvest when they are crispy and moist.  Still working on that timing, but I found that if you wait too long to harvest they start to dry out and become tough and inedible.  Take the radish, cut the end off a little, dip it in the butter (a large glob is best) and then dip the butter in the salt.  Yum.  Essayez un peu!

A weekend in New York – some ideas

A 'Must See' show - get tickets if you can, it is worth every dollar

A ‘Must See’ show – get tickets if you can, it is worth every dollar

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Bryant Square – a fabulous space behind the Library.


Madison Square Art – This exhibit by Teresita Fernandez

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The view from the New Whitney at sunset


Visit Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn and also the Botanic Gardens – they are close to each other