American Cars in Cuba

Visiting Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, Cuba in January was a wonderful experience: many sights and sounds to remember – but just one aspect of the experience seen below are amazing 50’s American cars that the cuban people maintain.  Here are just a P1030532couple of examples, but please visit my blog page “Coches Americanos en Cuba” to see many more.


Strawberry Fields

I was born in the early ’50’s in South Liverpool, within walking distance of Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Paul’s and John’s childhood homes, Julia’s place.  I went to Quarry Bank Grammar School for boys (John’s school and the name derivative of the Quarrymen).  Strawberry Fields entrance gates is one that I took while visiting my mother and sister, who still live there.  Strawberry filed was close to where John lived with his Aunt Mimi – a short walking distance, just off Menlove Avenue.  I worked on a construction site as I teenager once during the summer right next to ‘Mendips’ (John’s house name).